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Current Editing Time

(Last UPDATE September 2023)

Current editing time for all photoshoots is 6-8weeks.
Current editing time for Weddings is currently 10-12 weeks.

Please kindly bare with me whilst your images are in the editing queue. When I am not editing in post production I am honouring photoshoot bookings

Thank you kindly in advance, Abbie  X

I've had my photo shoot, what happens next?
I will begin by going through all the images from the session, and carefully selecting all the best images. Then a further selection will be made, ready for the editing process.

The Editing process, is a careful one with great attention to detail and it does take time! I won't change you, but I will enhance, if skin is softened it is softened gently and anything that usually isn't supposed to be there i.e blemishes, then those are removed.

All those images are then exported out of post production and uploaded into your Password Protected Gallery in the 'Client Area' of this website.

An email will follow to the Client who placed the original booking with the Log in details.

When will my images be ready?

Editing takes a long time. Post production is a large part of the process alongside the photoshoots, client meetings, prepping, printing and all other admin duties. Photography is an art and a creative process and the final results are worth the wait. If you do have a specific deadline and need them much sooner for a particular reason please do let me know at the time of your initial booking.

Will I receive a Sneak Preview on the Abbie Eliza Portraits Facebook Page?

I cannot create a Sneak Preview for everyone, unless you would like one please feel free to request? But occasionally, before post production is complete, I will create a collage of your photo shoot, and this will be posted onto the Abbie Eliza Portraits Facebook Page for you to share. This is a great way to get a Sneaky Peek at your final photos before you receive your gallery. And a great way to share with your family and friends. I will always mindful of any content of any images included in the collage, and asks permission from all clients before doing this and won't do this without written consent from the client, don't worry. All clients are notified as soon as any Sneak Preview has been posted.

Who can see my gallery?

The only people who can access the gallery are anyone who has the password. Only I will have the password details, and I will only reveal the password to the Client who placed the original booking. Please note I cannot be held liable if and who you share your details with thereafter or if the log in details should be hacked in anyway etc. If at any time anyone is suspicious of or notices any strange behaviour please do let me know. I can delete or change the passwords of the galleries at anytime if requested.

Why are the images in my online gallery watermarked?

A lot of work goes into each and every image selected for editing in post production. I agree, watermarks on your images don't look great, but I do try to include them as subtly as is possible and does attempt to avoid the watermark from being placed directly onto any faces in the image. The watermarks do have to be there until the client has selected or purchased the final images.

Who can see the image on my gallery front cover?

The gallery in the Client Area will contain 1 image from the shoot on the face of the gallery, this is viewable to anyone who goes into this section of the website; a standard design can be put in it's place, but I will only do this if it is requested.


RAW files
I do not share RAW files for any photoshoots under any circumstances. As soon as the editing is complete in post production, all RAW files are permanently deleted.

Download, Save and Back Up your online Gallery
Please do ensure you download and save all the images from your gallery. Also a second back up is highly recommended as well. I do not usually delete online galleries, but I can only promise the gallery for 3 months after you have received your gallery log in details via email.

Re-Edits after any photoshoot
Re-edits up to 10 images can be made after any photoshoot. Please email me within 3 months after you have received your online gallery.

I've had my Online Gallery Log In details, and I love my images; there are just a few I wish to be in a slightly different style to suit my home or there are a few I would really love to see in Black & White; can any  further changes be made to the images?

 Yes of course. Up to 10 images can be re-edited and additional black and white images can be made, but only if you are making a further purchase for all the images either as digital download or on usb (please see prices tab)

Otherwise any requests can be made just to those images in which are included in your session fee as complimentary.

What are the 'Digital Images'?

Any Digital Images that are either complimentary in your session fee or you have purchased; are released into your password protected online gallery, non watermarked, and are yours to download from here onto any device, as many times as you like, and then please ensure that you save them. Making a back up of them too is advisable. These images can then be put onto your own usb stick or you can use them online, they are yours to keep and use as you wish.

What happens to my images after completion?

I am very proud of all my work and so I keep most final images but I can't guarantee that I'll keep them for any longer than 3 months. All RAW images are completely deleted 2 weeks after you have received your final images.

Any other questions please feel free to message me,

Best regards,

Abbie X

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